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Digestive Health Care Tips

An individual's digestive health can be affected by a number of illnesses which could be due to food, stress, infection, intake of medications or due to chronic medical conditions. Frequent digestive problems are a challenge to the individual's lifestyle.

Here are some digestive healthcare tips to regain both confidence and life-style:

Digestive triggers: There are some foods that trigger digestive problems, which vary from individual to individual. It is essential for the patient to be wary of such foods and eating patterns and to avoid them to protect the digestive tract. It could be over-the-counter medications or certain events and situations that cause digestive imbalance.

Balanced diet: By definition, a balanced diet means food that has the RIGHT proportion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral, and vitamins that are necessary for a body s survival. Unfortunately, if this balance is lost, it can disrupt the individual's digestive health causing distress.

Hydration: For normal bowel functions and stool formation, it is essential to stay hydrated. Avoiding caffeine-rich beverages, sodas etc. can improve digestive health drastically. In hot weather, fluid intake should be increased to avoid dehydration. Water is one of the best stool softeners and enables smooth bowel movements.

Hygiene: Washing hands (we are taught this when we are children) before eating a meal or preparing a meal with warm water and soap will remove bacteria formed in the hands. This prevents the transfer of unwanted diseases into the food.

Stress management: Stress has the capacity to aggravate digestive problems. Frequent flare-ups and coping with tough situations can be a trigger to digestive distress. Stress can be relieved by having relaxing pursuits such as meditation, yoga, and hobbies that can be stress-free.

Seek support: There is no need to hide digestive problems and keep dealing with it during an entire lifetime.

We have helped many individuals regain their confidence. Our team will provide dietary guidelines to improve the digestive health of a patient. Regular follow-up sessions along with a prescribed digestive treatment plan will be advised.

Authored by Dr. Deepak Varma, MBBS, MS (General Surgery)

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