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Bariatric Surgery In Kerala : The Best Shot Available

Date :20-Jun-2018

Does your obese look hurt you when you see yourselves in the mirror? Is it that bulky stomach that has been retaining you from achieving your goals? Moreover, won’t it be fabulous to regain your old, slim, young look by reducing your weight?

Bariatric surgery is the removal of a portion of the stomach in people with obesity as a measure of reducing the weight. The surgery is done in people with a Body Mass Index greater than 30. A portion of the stomach along the greater curvature is cut away reducing around 15% of the stomach size. And are you in search of the best bariatric surgery in Kerala? Bariatric surgery has to be done with ample care and expertise for we, The Gastrosurgeon, Cochin, the most expertise and specialized in the field is here to make the best solutions for your problems.

We provide 2 versions of bariatric surgeries

Restrictive surgeries
This is the removal a portion of the stomach, reducing its size, thereby slowing down the digestive process.

Malabsorptive surgeries
This is the removal of the stomach along with certain parts of the intestine thereby reducing the absorption of the calories.

Most of the bariatric surgeries that we perform are minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgeries. The additional advantages of laparoscopic surgeries are,

  • Less blood loss
  • Less post-op care required
  • Less pain
  • Easy recovery

The bariatric surgery procedure are many and the most common that Dr.Deepak Varma, the best bariatric surgeon in Kerala provide are,

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass
  • BPD with DS

Gastrosurgeon, Cochin provides you with the best experience of bariatric surgery in Kochi. We assure your long lost happiness to return back. We, at Gastrosurgeon Cochin, gives you the best weight loss surgery in Kerala at affordable rates with the best bariatric surgeon in Kochi. We care to bring back your smile of satisfaction and enjoyment. Flutter your wings to be light and weightless!

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